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Client Testimonial

I contacted InterNACHI Print Services a short while back to get a logo and brochure designed for my inspection business. I was immediately contacted by their team Akiko Kato and Jessica Langer to gather information from me to complete the process to my liking. I gave Akiko my concept for a logo and began filling out the information form that Jessica sent me for the brochure. Wham! Before I knew it they had completed the most professional business cards and brochure that I've ever had. We went back and forth on 1 or 2 weeks and we were done. 7 days later a box was waiting at my door and I am ready to hit the streets with a brand that I am confident will place my business more than a couple of notches above. Everyone who has seen the work has been very impressed. Now were working on a truck magnet and who knows what else to come. I would highly recommend this service to any member of InterNACHI whether they have existing marketing material or not.
– Art Seifert, Points North LLC - http://www.points-north-llc.com