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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I want your team to design my logo. How do I get started?

A: When you’re ready to get started on the logo design process, your first step will be to place your custom print order through Inspector Outlet. Every order includes our free logo and marketing design service as well as editing and content writing. You only pay to have the materials printed and shipped:

Once your order is placed we’ll contact you to get started.

Q: Do I get a say in how the logo will look? 

A: Yes! We will work closely with you to make sure the logo is exactly what you want. Nothing will be finalized until you are happy the design.

Q: How long does the process take? 

A: Once your custom print order is placed, you will typically see a logo design within 2-5 business days. Custom marketing materials will be completed shortly after you approve a logo design.


If you have additional questions, please email or call 303-242-5909

We look forward to working with you!


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