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Design Services

InterNACHI’s Design Team has created thousands of unique logos and marketing pieces for its members. This free benefit, available exclusively for InterNACHI® members, will take your marketing to the next level. All you have to do is place a print order through Inspector Outlet, and the process begins. Check out the links below to see some of our work. Scroll down the page to see the different pieces that we typically create for inspectors, and order now to get started!

Business Cards

Business cards are an affordable and indispensable marketing piece. Yours will be custom-designed to include your unique logo, business name, contact information, and anything else you want your prospective clients, local real estate agents, business colleagues, and others to know, including your state license number (if applicable), tagline (yours or ours), special certification seals, list of services, and service area.  Don’t hand people a boring-looking, DIY business card.  We’ll make yours stand out with a great design and polished look in full color on high-quality cardstock.


Use trifold brochures to convey as much (or as little) information about your business and services as you want. They’re the perfect size for mailing, and they can be handed out onsite, left at real estate offices, and distributed at live events. Order in large quantities so you’ll always have them on hand. We’ll match your brochure design to your business card so that your marketing has a unified, polished look. Don’t know how to describe your business or your different inspections?  Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with dozens of prewritten, customizable descriptions of standard and ancillary services for all home inspectors. We’ll also help you with a description of your company for even more personalization. Our professional editor will provide content that’s consumer-friendly and that helps you sell your services!

Rack Cards

A rack card is a versatile piece that can showcase your business concisely and can be read quickly. Jam-packed with important highlights and information about your services, your rack card can be customized to highlight specific services, special offers, or a general overview of your business. With all of your information visible at a glance, these two-sided pieces get straight to the point. Sized to fit inside a brochure holder or #10 envelope, and printed in full color on high-quality glossy cardstock, rack cards can be used as a leave-behind item following a presentation, or mailed with your brochure or letter.


Flyers are versatile and affordable. They come in a standard 8.5x11-inch format, and we can create them as one-sided or two-sided marketing pieces that advertise your company and services in general, or a special or seasonal deal, or a specific service. A flyer is basically a full-page advertising print that you can mail, hand out, and leave behind at appointments and offices. Use them to get people to notice your brand and understand your message quickly. They’re a great alternative to keep in your marketing arsenal for when a business card isn’t enough but a brochure is too much.

Vehicle Magnets

Whether you’re parked at a restaurant or at a house for an appointment, and even while you’re driving around town, let your work vehicle do your marketing for you. These full-color vehicle magnets will include your logo, contact information, and license number (if applicable). They’re lean and clean, since we use a size that will make your details legible even while your vehicle is in motion. They’re weatherproof, washable, and removable, and come in pairs, although we can create just about any size for any part of your ride. Let your clients know you’ve arrived with custom vehicle magnets!

Pickup Mockup_edited.jpg

Custom Home Maintenance Books

InterNACHI’s best-selling home maintenance book “Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection” is a favorite with our members.  Real estate agents rave about it, and clients – especially first-time home buyers – are happily surprised when they receive one with their inspection report.  It’s an add-on that adds serious value to your services, and it’s a keeper that will bring you repeat business. 


Get your books customized especially for your home inspection company.  We can design the front and back covers to your specs using your logo and contact information, and anything else you’d like, including photos. They’re also available in special versions for Spanish-speaking clients and for homeowners in Florida.


Give your clients peace of mind knowing they’ll have the answers at their fingertips about how to maintain their new home, and that they can contact you when they need you without having to look for your business card.



A folder is an effective and organized way to showcase everything you have to offer, presented in professional and high-quality, full-color cardstock.  Insert your different marketing pieces, as well as informational handouts and printed articles of interest to your prospects, clients, and real estate professionals. A folder that’s branded with your logo and contact information helps tie all your marketing pieces together for those times when you want to make a lasting impression.



Postcards are a time-saving and effective way to reach customers without them even having to open an envelope. Postcards are versatile. In a single mailing, you can seek out new business from prospective clients, and solicit repeat business from existing customers. Plus, a postcard isn’t just something to send through the mail. You can use postcards as oversized business cards, hang tags for your products, and informational cards in a smaller format than a flyer or brochure. Use them for special offers, new services, and other news about your business. We’ll keep a space open for the address.


Pop-Up Banners

Planning a special business event? Want to have a professional background for an online meeting or presentation?  Get a lightweight, portable, pop-up banner to showcase your logo and message in big print in full color on high-quality canvas. The free-standing banner rolls up into its base for quick tear-down and easy transport and storage. It’s a professional addition for trade shows, conferences, and even your commercial office space. It’s sturdy and washable.  The base is 33 inches long and the banner, when fully extended, is 80 inches – large enough to get noticed!


Door Hangers

Door hangers are a low-cost, surefire way to get your business known in the neighborhood. Distribute them to local homes by hanging them on the front door so they won’t be missed. Hang them in neighborhoods with new construction, and wherever you have an inspection appointment.  Bypass the hassle and expense of envelopes, folding, binding and postage, and use this direct marketing method. We even offer the option of adding a perforated tear-off business card at the bottom!


Yard Signs

Cost-effective and long-lasting, a yard sign offers a high return on investment. A well-designed yard sign acts as a 24/7 ambassador for your business, catching the eye of passersby and creating brand visibility around the clock. you can effectively target and attract local customers, reaching a specific geographic audience to boost foot traffic and local engagement.


Sticky Notes

Who doesn’t need sticky notes?  Keep your details front and center when your prospects and clients are jotting down reminders to themselves with these cost-effective marketing pieces. We’ll include your logo and contact information, and we’ll leave plenty of room to write.


Business Card

Your business card as a sticker is a unique way to promote your business. Make an impression when taking meetings, networking, and leaving behind documents that have a space open to place your sticker. They’re a cost-effective and fun way to build brand awareness on the go.


Business Card

A research study conducted by American Purdue University found that the average person will open their fridge a dozen times a day. For a family of three, that’s 924 fridge visits per month, and over 11,000 times a year. In other words, that's over 11,000 times per year that someone has eyes on your advertisement when you use a business card magnet to promote your business. Considering that most refrigerator magnets stick around for almost ten years, your advertising costs per impression are next to nothing. Whether your business is big or small, new or old, these promotional magnets will fit easily into your advertising budget.

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