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"Now That You've Had a Home Inspection"

Home Maintenance Books

A leave-behind with a lasting impression.

Increase Business Referrals

Promote Annual Inspections

Promote Your Business

Reduce Your Liability

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Teach your clients how their home works, how to maintain it and how to save energy.

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Clear Illustrations

  • Simple, Realistic Images

  • Concise Callouts

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Modern Chapter Design

  • Clean Layout

  • Color-Coded

  • Sub-Chapter Dividers

Available in Standard, Spanish
Custom Versions

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Prices start at $2.70 per book plus shipping.
Available in Boxes of 20+ books. Custom books are available in quantities of 250+ books.

Use our Home Maintenance Book to Grow Your Business!


Give them to your clients with their inspection report.

Giving this impressive book to your clients with their inspection report can help them better understand both their new home and their report.  And it may just earn you a five-star review, as well as repeat business later!


Introduce yourself to local real estate agents by giving them the book.

Branded with your logo and contact information, this book leaves a lasting impression with real estate agents – and their clients – who will need to call on a professional for their home inspection.  Make it easy for them to remember you!


Use it at live events as a leave-behind.

Whether you visit an open house or a home trade show, your custom “Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection” book is a polished, professional, and informative marketing tool that’s likely to wind up in the hands of someone who will call you for an appointment. Don’t miss an opportunity to market yourself!


Use it to quadruple your inspection business.

If you want to seriously grow your business within the limited time frame of two years from now—an endpoint that’s virtually around the corner—but think that it’s absurd that you could actually quadruple it that quickly, you need look no further for mathematical proof of the possibility than the story of the wheat and the chessboard. A story that beautifully and simply illustrates the theory of exponential growth.


Use a magic marker to market to real estate offices.

Use the "Magic Marker" Method and deliver one or two copies to each of your local real estate offices. A valuable piece of marketing that will never get thrown out.


Stick your business card sticker on the cover.

Stick your business card to each front cover. It's a sticker! Our marketing team will design yours for free.


Embed the homeowner-oriented videos on your website.

Make your clients aware that you offer these business-boosting books by using the YouTube links or embed codes below to display the videos on your inspection website.

YouTube Video Links:

Video Embed Codes:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src=";showinfo=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

<iframe width="560" height="315" src=";showinfo=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Upload the book cover onto your website

Download these high-resolution images of the "Now That You've Had a Home Inspection" book covers and include them on your website & marketing to let people know you offer this valuable tool.

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Custom Home Maintenance Books

Impress your clients with a custom home maintenance book for your business!

Send us your contact information and photos. We’ll take care of the rest.

  • your logo;

  • your company name;

  • your contact information;

  • photos of your choice (yours or ours);

  • your certification logos; and

  • anything else you can think of!

When you place an order for a minimum of 250 custom books, we’ll design the front and back covers for your business. You can include:

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Inspector Custom Book Examples

Frequently Asked Questions


What does it cost to order a customized book? 

When ordered at a quantity of 1,000 or more, the custom books cost the same as the standard version -- $2.70 per book, plus shipping. When ordered at a quantity of 250 books, the cost is $3.50 per book, plus shipping.


What is the minimum order? 

The minimum order for books with custom covers is 250 books.


What can I change on the cover? 

We can customize just about anything on the cover -- you supply us with your business logo and any photos you would like included, and we'll do the rest! We do require that the InterNACHI® logo remain on the back.


Will I see the design before it's printed? 

YES! We will work closely with you to get the design exactly the way you want it. We will send your file to print only when you ask us to, and we will send you a physical proof of the book to approve before printing the full quantity of the order.


Who can I contact for more questions?

Jessica Langer, InterNACHI® Marketing Director

Our Inspectors Are Raving!

SPS Home & Property Inspections (4).png

I Recommend Wholeheartedly!

My name is Jarrett Ferris and I am the owner and founder of SPS Inspections in Olympia, Washington.  InterNACHI® has been an essential factor of my success in my home inspection company. Along with great support and affordable membership dues, InterNACHI® is a veritable goldmine of free home inspector resources. They have loads of free generic home inspector marketing pieces to help you run and grow your inspection business, as well as a super marketing and design team that helped create my company logo – which is terrific, by the way. They also offer a home maintenance manual, which I give all my customers with my business card. If it were not for everything that InterNACHI® makes available to its members, I know for sure that my company would be nowhere close to where it is today. I can attribute much of my success to all of the different home inspector resources that InterNACHI® provides. I can't thank them enough for all they do and for all they offer. I recommend InterNACHI® wholeheartedly and with pride to anyone who is interested in becoming a home inspector, or even if you're currently a home inspector.

—  Jarrett Ferris, SPS Inspections,

Focal Point Inspections LLC (1).png

Valuable Information!

I give a home maintenance manual to every client right after the inspection review. I thumb through it and show them some of the valuable information it contains. Many of the realtors I work with tell us that we're the only home inspection company that gives out these books and that's what helps us stand out from the competition.

— Walter A. Surgnier, Jr., Focal Point Inspections

Professional Home Inspections (2).png

My Business Stands Apart!

The InterNACHI® Member Marketing Team has helped my business stand apart from my competition. Their design services are top-notch and, being free, I couldn't have paid anyone to come close to the job they have done. The team was always available for any questions or revisions, and they turned my ideas into professional marketing pieces that I'm proud of.

—  KC Bartley, Professional Home Inspections

Assured Home Inspectors (4).png

An Excellent Tool!

I have been using these custom books since 2015. They have been an excellent tool for us to help grow our business. Buyers really like receiving the book, and agents are impressed that we're giving them out.  I always point out the maintenance checklist so that buyers can keep up with things. We have had several customers use the book to get in touch for another inspection several years later. This tells me that people are keeping the book and remembering it.  The custom books really make us stand out and provide that extra touch we love to provide.

—  Drew Sleezer, Assured Home Inspectors

Alpha Home Inspections (4).png

Will Gladly Order More!

I absolutely love the cover art for the "Now That You've Had a Home Inspection" home maintenance manual! I have always given out these books to every client, as I feel both buyers and agents are impressed that they get to take something home with them that they can actually use. At a cost of less than $3 per inspection, they are a great return on investment from a marketing and value standpoint. I patiently waited for the Spanish version to launch, as this gave me a huge edge in my market. I will gladly order more in both English and Spanish. The marketing team did not stop with revisions until I was 100% happy, and, best of all, the design work was free!

— Ivan Miranda, Alpha Home Inspections

Blue Knight Home Inspections (2).png

A Great Icebreaker!

Just wish I’d purchased these sooner! The positive responses from clients and the word-of-mouth results from the professional presentation of the custom books have far outweighed the cost! The feedback from clients and realtors has been nothing but positive! Being able to show up with a custom "Now That You've Had a Home Inspection" book has been a great way to break the ice at the beginning of an inspection, especially with first-time homebuyers. I’ve seen clients take notes on the corresponding pages as we’ve walked through an inspection; one client even asked for the book over the phone prior to an inspection. His friend had received a book, and he wanted to be sure I would be bringing a copy for him! The marketing team at InterNACHI® made the process fun, rather than intimidating. Once my current supply is exhausted, I will definitely be placing another order!

—  Shelley Hermann, Blue Knight Home Inspections PC

Quality Home Inspections (4).png

Realtors Love Them!

Supplying my clients with the book has set me apart from my competition. It really ties my report together in a very professional manner. Also, the realtors love when I give their clients copies. Thank you, InterNACHI®!

— Daniel Slusky, Quality Home Inspections

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