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Videos & Webinars

InterNACHI® has a wide variety of informative and educational videos and webinars to help you along your way to success as a professional home inspector. Explore our expansive library of how-to videos and webinar recordings by top professionals in the industry. They’ll walk you through actual inspections, share their legal knowledge that can shield your home inspection business from liability, show you how to compete and thrive online, and discuss hundreds of tips and best practices to help you reach the top of your game.

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Check out InterNACHI’s Library of Inspection Articles.  It contains hundreds of articles on topics such as inspecting the different systems of a home, various hazards that inspectors may encounter on the job, legal topics that address issues facing home inspectors, and business and marketing advice that’s specific to our industry.  Link to them from your website and social media for fresh content, and print them off to distribute to your clients.

Free Downloads

Another benefit of InterNACHI® membership is the use of free downloads created by our Member Marketing Team.  These colorful and informative items range from barbecue safety tips, and the service life expectancy of the average house’s components and appliances, to ensuring that the family’s new home is “Monster-Free”!

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InterNACHI's Home Inspector Podcast

Check out InterNACHI’s Home Inspector Podcasts and listen to tips and advice for how to be a successful home inspector and run a money-making home inspection business. InterNACHI's Ben Gromicko has conversations with some of the industry's top professionals and discusses some of the key topics that are sure to provide you with new knowledge and help you improve your inspection business.

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